Track Unreported Assets, Tax Officers Visit Taxpayer’s Address

Officers from the Tax Service Office (KPP) Pratama Kisaran, North Sumatra went directly to the addresses of taxpayers registered in the area.

The Head of Supervision Section II of KPP Pratama Kisaran Suci Utari said that through this field visit, officers could give direct appeals to taxpayers to participate in the voluntary disclosure program (PPS). The appeal was also given officially through a letter to the taxpayer.

Taxpayers whose addresses are visited by officers are not decided at random. DGT, said Suci, has data on assets owned by taxpayers. About the data on these assets and assets, the officer then makes clarifications directly to the address of the taxpayer through this field visit.

“If the data is valid, taxpayers have the option to participate in PPS by reporting assets that have not previously been reported in the Annual Income Tax Return (SPT),” Suci said as quoted from the DGT press release, Thursday (21/4/2022). ).

In this visit, the tax officer explained all things about PPS to taxpayers, including the benefits, procedures, and risks of not disclosing assets that have not been properly reported. Taxpayers also take advantage of this opportunity to explore information regarding the mechanism for disclosing assets through PPS.

“Taxpayers who need information regarding the fulfillment of tax obligations can contact the Kisaran KPP Pratama to get free information and services,” Suci concluded.

There are several benefits that PPS provides to taxpayers. First, PPS provides an opportunity for taxpayers to report assets that have not been reported with a pardon.

Second, participation in PPS will make taxpayers free from potential criminal charges. The HPP Law has emphasized that all information sourced from the disclosure of assets and its attachments cannot be used as the basis for investigation, investigation, and/or criminal prosecution.

Third, there are tax savings from final PPh payments which are a condition for PPS participation. Taxpayers who disclose their assets must deposit final income tax at different rates. 

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