What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit

What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit – There are so many benefits to living near the ocean. You enjoy great weather almost all year round, experience a pleasant ocean breeze, and the sunsets are always beautiful. However, there is a downside: corrosion. That same ocean breeze brings salt into the air, which is deposited on the outside of your air conditioner. Over time, this can quickly destroy your system. Here are some ways to avoid that problem.

The biggest concern for your air conditioner near the ocean is the condenser coil. The capacitor coil is usually made of aluminum or copper, with a protective oxide layer. Constant exposure to salt in the air corrodes this layer and then the metal itself, leading to expensive air conditioner repairs. Instead, some air conditioners use condenser coils and other components specifically designed for salty air. It’s less likely to erode, meaning your unit lasts much longer. Ask about our coastal air conditioners today.

What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit

What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit

If you don’t have a weather-specific coastal unit, or if you’re trying to help your current unit last as long as possible before upgrading, there are a few things you can do. One temporary solution is to flush the capacitor coils. This removes the salt and prevents the salt from eroding your system. Every morning, simply spray the outdoor unit with a hose. Just be sure to turn your thermostat off so you don’t turn the unit on. However, constant spraying can wear the unit down in other ways – eventually you’ll have to replace the unit, but this simple step could add a few years to its life.

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While air conditioning maintenance is always a good idea, it is especially necessary when you live near the coast. A licensed HVAC contractor will check components like condenser coils for erosion, while also inspecting parts like your air filter. They will also check the unit for necessary cleaning and take care of any problems or repairs. Regular maintenance can mean the difference between your unit dying in a few years and one lasting a decade.

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What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit

Finally, be careful where you place the outdoor unit. Ideally, it should stand somewhere where the winds do not blow directly. It should also never be in direct sunlight if you can avoid it, and even better if protected from the rain. Although salt will always be in the air if you live near the coast, blocking the breeze can slow the corrosion process.

A little air conditioning maintenance is a small price to pay for living near the ocean. At NexGen Heating and Air, we are here to help you find the best product for your situation and help your current unit perform at its best. Contact us today to make sure your air conditioner is ready for that sea breeze.

What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit

Heating And Air Conditioning Ceiling Unit

Our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the premier HVAC company in Southern California. To learn more about our equipment, services and protection plan, book an appointment online or call 888-277-0415.

With the hard work and dedication of our team of experienced HVAC technicians, our professional customer service team, our efficient managers and our visionary leadership of our President, Ismael Valdez, we have risen to the top where we are proud to say that we are the #1 HVAC company in Southern California.

What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit

His team not only delivered quickly and on time, they were courteous and left a professional installation of my new air conditioner. I can’t mention the PHENOMENAL price I got but needless to say I can beat any job and will give you the fastest first class service.

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Yesterday I had NexGen install a new furnace and air conditioner to replace my 30 year old system. Their representative Jeff met with me the day before to go over the system that would work best for my home and presented me with a price I couldn’t refuse. Moreover, NexGen’s price was more than $3,000 cheaper than all other competitors.

What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit

Jeff immediately returned my call and an appointment was made for the next day. Jeff made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! A crew was available that day who came, saw and conquered. I had conditioner that night for a very good price. I highly recommend NexGen.

As the next generation of home comfort, NexGen is always looking for the next big thing that will revolutionize the HVAC industry.

What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit

Determining The Right Air Conditioning System For Your Home

*Cannot be combined with other offers. Some restrictions apply. Plus tax. Financing available with approved credit. The lifetime warranty only applies if you stay on the X protection plan. For a ductless mini-split, the offer is only valid for the base unit 12k. Images may not reflect the actual product. By filling out the form or booking a service, you are placed in our database for remarketing. You can receive advertising through a text or email campaign. To unsubscribe, unsubscribe or reply, stop to unsubscribe. **Only for repairs over $350 and must be present at time of purchase. Which brand of air conditioner is the best? Who is known as the best air conditioner manufacturer? As with most purchases, “best” means different things to different people, and you need to understand the difference between price and value. New air conditioners are a big investment, so if you compare and you see an air conditioner that has a lower price, does that mean it is not as good, efficient and inferior in design compared to the more expensive units? Comparing AC units based on price, efficiency, durability and value can sometimes be a tricky thing. With all the options and different brands available, here is a list of the top 3 brands of air conditioners that are known to last and hold their value:

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Carrier is known as a leader in the residential and commercial air conditioning markets, with a solid reputation for reliability and durability. In fact, back in 1902, William Carrier is often credited with inventing the modern air conditioner by installing the first system in Brooklyn, New York. Carrier is proud of a century of providing global solutions in a wide range of applications in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and more.

What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit

Considered the meteorologists of the world, Carrier has “cultivated a history of proven innovation in the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry, enabling global comfort and efficiency.”

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Founded in 1885 in La Crosse, Wisconsin by James Trane (who immigrated to the United States from Norway), Trane was a leading manufacturer of residential air conditioners and commercial HVAC units. Acquired by Ingersoll Rand in 2008, Trane has become a global organization that prides itself on delivering quality and innovation to its customers.

What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit

Inspired by the cold winters of Wisconsin, Jacob’s son Reuben is credited with inventing the convector radiator in 1923 that established Trane as one of the industry’s innovation leaders. Their CentTraVac® system is the industry standard for large commercial HVAC systems and is the most energy efficient in the world for use in large buildings. The company received the prestigious “Best of the Best” award from the US Environmental Protection Agency for the CentTraVac® system.

Their residential air conditioning units and systems are known to be reliable and efficient, and are considered by many experts to be “top of the range”. As the company’s name says, “Trane is hard to stop.”

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What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit

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Lennox is also known as an international company offering a wide range of climate control products for air conditioning, heating and cooling. In fact, Lennox has become an intercontinental company, primarily focused on supplying the global market with residential heating and cooling units, commercial heating and cooling systems, plus refrigeration equipment.

Originally founded in Iowa by Annie and Lewis Lennox in 1895, they originally patented and designed a coal stove for heating, followed by many improvements in heating and cooling systems. The company is known for producing high-quality products for commercial and residential air conditioning, as well as furnaces, heat pumps and boilers.

What Is The Best Residential Air Conditioning Unit

So the top three brands are probably Carrier, Lennox and Trane. As for the prices, they are also the highest. However, when it comes to quality, there may be some lesser known brands that basically match them “identically”. Many units are produced in the same facility with almost the same or exactly the same parts. Often all units have the same internal working parts, just a different casing, external appearance/color or some minor changes to some of the stationary parts. The only difference, in some cases, may simply be the brand name found on the unit. As a good example, let’s look at Goodman air conditioning and heating systems. Although they are “badged” like Goodman, their AC units have basically the same internal components (most importantly) that are built into the Carrier unit. Furthermore, both are made in the same facility. They just get different outer casings, brands and prices. A Goodman unit costs several hundred dollars less than a Carrier-badged one. So in the end, a higher price will not always mean higher quality

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