Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

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Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

Breathe in peace and protect yourself from pollen, smoke, dust and more with an air purifier. Here are our best picks.

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Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

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Allergies don’t stop with the end of spring, whether you’re stuck in dust during the cooler months or outdoors breathing in that wonderful pollen during the warmer months—allergies can affect you year-round. If you are looking for some relief from allergy symptoms or just want to breathe easier, you may want to purchase an air purifier for your home. Air purifiers help clear the air of allergens and other pollutants, and can help make life easier for those with allergies or other respiratory conditions. Even if you don’t have breathing problems, an air purifier for your home can give you peace of mind that you’re breathing the cleanest air possible in your specific living conditions.

Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

Where’s The Best Place To Put An Air Purifier?

Like your home and personal needs, your HVAC project and cost are unique. Use our calculator to better estimate your investment, or we’ll connect you with a local professional.

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Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

Air purifiers for home use are small devices that use one or more technologies to filter particles from the air, including dust, allergens, and viruses, and recycle clean air into your living space. Air purifiers that use HEPA filters—U.S. Department of Energy’s High Efficiency Particulate Air filters capable of removing at least 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns—are the most popular and highly rated. There are types. Most air purifiers are equipped to handle one or two rooms, with some models claiming to clean the air in the entire home.

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After considering the area you need to cover, choosing a HEPA air purifier among the many popular models is largely a matter of budget and the space you want to clean. With that said, Honeywell’s Home Allergen Plus 300 XL (about $150 now on Amazon) tops our list as the best air purifier for most people. But there are air purifiers that are particularly well-suited for spaces large and small, and given that the air purifier will be in the living room or bedroom, the aesthetics can be just as important as the final cost. With these factors in mind, we have rounded up the best air purifiers for home use in 2023.

Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

The Honeywell air purifier looks like a gadget but has the most positive reviews at its lowest price — nearly 30,000 positive reviews on Amazon — for the amount of capacity it offers. A handy reference guide makes it easy to operate right out of the box, and the model includes recessed handles for easy placement around the house, which is very useful if you frequently move the air purifier around the room. .

In our testing, we also found it to be the Ganges’ quietest air purifier. Even on the Turbo mode’s top setting, it was quieter than a regular fan and noticeably quieter than the rest of the air purification field. The simple user interface also offers timer settings, with automatic shutdown after two, four, or eight hours.

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Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

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The Blueair line of air purifiers from BluePure are small, stylish, powerful, and easy to use—essentially “plug and play” operation for those who want to setup without diving into an instruction manual. We found them to be the most user-friendly of the models we tested. Blueair Blue Pure 211 Plus Auto is an updated version of the already popular 211 Plus model, which includes Auto mode, which uses an integrated particulate sensor to adjust speed based on actual air quality, and an LED indicator provides an indication of air quality.

Other than that, the very simple interface has settings for low, medium, and high, and that’s it. It is the smallest model available for large room air purifiers, with a cylindrical design that allows 360° air collection; A low-key bells-and-whistles option with high performance, low-to-mid distortion, and a customizable pre-filter housing available in five different colors to match your style. The two-part HEPA filter and activated carbon can also help eliminate pet, food and smoke odors.

Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

Aside from being one of our favorite machines to drive, it has sleek, modern aesthetics that blend into space better than any on-the-seat air purifier.

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The Coway AP-1512HH is one of the only air purifiers on the market that uses both HEPA filters and ionic technology to remove different types of particulate matter in different ways. (See below for buying tips for a breakdown of the performance of the different types.)

Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

When testing the Coway Airmega, our favorite compact model is the power-saving Eco mode. When the air quality in a room remains clean for more than 30 minutes in Eco mode, the fan turns off to save energy, and turns on again when particles are detected again. (Most other models’ auto mode adjusts the fan setting to actual air quality, but it never turns off.)

The Airmega AP1512HH from Coway is one of the most eye-catching designs in air purification, with a retro, semi-chrome finish, and is available in both black and white models. Depending on your aesthetic, you could feature this as a soundbar in your home entertainment setup. The new AP-1512HHS comes in only one color and loses the ionizer function, but for $70 more, you can also get a Wi-Fi-enabled model with voice control.

Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

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Small but mighty If you’re looking to test the effectiveness of an air purifier in a small space in your home, Blueair’s Pet, Blue Pure 411 Auto is one of the high-performance models you can buy at a very affordable price. (For less money, the 411 without the automatic mode is also the most affordable.)

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It has the same functions as the Blueair 211+ auto model above—auto mode, customizable colors, 360-degree filtration, and activated carbon for odor control—just in a smaller package designed for smaller spaces, like the kids’ bedroom or home. Office Blueair also makes the mid-range 311 Series for spaces up to 340 square feet.

Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

If you’re committed to whole-home air purification, the Coway Airmega 400S is the right tool for the job. Capable of managing 1,560 square feet, this model can occupy a small house on its own, an entire apartment, or on one floor of a large home. It’s not cheap compared to other home air purifier models, but if you seriously deal with allergies, wildfires, or heavy smoking neighbors in your living situation, this is a must-have.

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Despite it being a large, boxy device that you’ll have to make room for, the power output seems worth it, as well as a large, solid device whose design looks almost mid-century. You also get all the bells and whistles for your money: Wi-Fi capability allows for voice or app control; Smart, Sleep, and Eco settings; In addition to real-time air quality monitoring.

Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

While Levoit’s EverestAir Smart True model hasn’t been on the market long enough to warrant consumer ratings, it’s worth a look, as Levoit’s line of products consistently appears on a variety of best air purifier lists, and the EverestAir model brings a lot of good. New features on the table that may interest shoppers. In particular, due to Levoit’s new filtration technology, this model has the highest CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) score among the air purifiers on this list. (See more about CADR under How We Tested, below.)

It comes at a higher price, but it can also handle more space than other similarly sized air purifiers on this list. In terms of additional functionality, EverestAir Smart True

Where Is It Best To Put An Air Conditioning Unit

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