Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas – LAS VEGAS () – Clark County issued a weather advisory Monday due to strong winds in southern Nevada.

The Clark County Department of Environment and Development says it has issued a dust advisory to advise residents and built-up areas of high dust potential due to strong winds forecast in the area.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

Winds of 30 mph — including 40 mph gusts — are expected to begin around noon, which could create blowing dust, according to the city.

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13 Operations Meteorologist Kelsey McFarland says wind speeds in the valley are expected to be 25-35 mph with gusts up to 65 mph possible.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

MORE happening today – weather: ⚠️High Wind Warning (near Clark County) Wind Advisory (Colorado River Valley) or Weather Advisory (Spring Mtns & Sheep Range) Dust Advisory (Clark County) — Kelsey McFarland (@KelseyMarie_TV) October 11, 2021

Air dust is a type of air pollution that increases respiratory disease, and during storms, people with heart or lung disease, the elderly, and children may feel better indoors as they can, officials said. .

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

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The EPA’s Air Quality Guide converts air quality data into colors to help people understand when they may be at risk of health hazards from air pollution. An AQI of 101 or higher is considered a potentially unhealthy level for hearing groups. Tips to reduce exposure to dust include:

• Limit outdoor activity on windy days when dust is in the air. Exercising, for example, makes you breathe deeply and increases the number of cells you can breathe.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

• Call Environmental Dusters and Sustainability at 702-385-DUST (3878) to report excessive amounts of dust from construction, non-visible areas or equipment. Copyright © 2023, Los Angeles Times | Service Agreement | Privacy Policy | Collection of CA Announcements | Do not sell or share my personal information

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As climate change causes higher temperatures, Californians could lose up to one week of cooling each summer as demand for cooling will exceed the capacity of electric power plants, a new study shows.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

Without improvements in electricity infrastructure or air quality, researchers say the government could hit the mark as early as 2030, when global temperatures are expected to rise 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

If that happens, people can expect more blackouts like those seen during the August 2020 heat wave, or longer blackouts like those that followed the Texas tornado in February 2021, the study authors said. American Geophysicist.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

Sweltering Heat Wave Bakes Large Part Of Nation As July 4 Approaches

Forecasters predict a significant increase in the number of frost-free days for some days in some southern and western states. Forecasters predicted an average of 13.9 days for Missouri and 13.5 days for Illinois.

Utilities have money to add air to low-income households, but for one California family, the help didn’t come fast enough.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

“I really hope that from a citizen’s perspective, people will do the research and realize that there are consequences to climate change,” said lead author Renee Obringer, an environmentalist at Penn State University. “Whether you live in Florida or Washington or Ohio, it’s going to affect you personally,” he said.

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Statewide, Californians can expect an average of 6.8 days a year without clear weather, he said. He said the numbers were linked to cold winters in the northern part of the country and hot and cold southern parts.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

“If we can go in and break the state down into different regions or regions, we can see that in LA, for example, there may be more frost-free days than in San Francisco,” Obringer said.

The increase in heat-related liver damage can lead to increased mortality, and the effects fall more on vulnerable people, including the poor, the elderly and whites, the authors report.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

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The results are consistent with an investigation by the Los Angeles Times that found that extreme heat has killed 3,900 people in California in the past decade – six times the national rate – and that the number of deaths contributed to the slow response. The impacts of extreme heat and rain fall disproportionately on poor and communities of color, the series found.

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“It’s a clear warning to all of us that we can’t keep doing what we’re doing or our energy will be destroyed in the next few years, just because of the heat of the summer,” said Susanne Benz. meteorologist and meteorologist at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Benz did not participate in the investigation.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

Obringer said studies have shown that underserved communities are at risk of overheating due to the way housing is built, and are likely to experience this imbalance due to increased pollution and environmental pollution.

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“All of these things come together to mean that our people are at risk of being hit from the start, and oftentimes it’s not a choice they know how to make,” he said. “It’s the way our cities are designed that ultimately exacerbates these weaknesses,” he said.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

Under extreme scenarios, half of the Valley’s eight regions will have annual temperatures above 80 degrees by 2100.

Research shows 51-year-old Myrna Rivas knows all too well the stress and anxiety that comes with going electric.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

Which Cities Have The Hardest Water In America?

Rivas lives in a mobile home park in an area of ​​Riverside County where power outages are common during the summer. Outages have ranged from a few hours to three days in recent years, he said.

He said these times were painful for him. Worried about food spoilage in the fridge. Most of all, he worries about his 86-year-old mother, who has a bed and medical equipment that requires energy.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

“Anything that helps him breathe and eat uses electricity,” Rivas said. “I would have to visit my sister or rent a hotel to get electricity if it wasn’t for a week,” he said.

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The only silver lining in all of this, he said, is that his mother may not live long enough to deal with this loss.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

Across the United States, researchers estimate an 8 percent increase in temperature and 1.5 degrees Celsius, or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit, of warming. If global temperatures rise by 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, above pre-industrial levels — which is likely by the end of the century if steps are taken to curb warming — demand could increase by up to 13 percent nationwide.

“I was surprised by the 1.5- and 2-degree difference, especially in the Midwest,” Obringer said. “We see that it is possible to triple the amount of ventilation that we can use at the same level,” he said.

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Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

Smart Cities News

For example, in Indiana and Ohio, researchers predict an increase of 4 percent and 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming. At 2 degrees Celsius, it will increase to 12 percent, he said.

The study also looks at how each country may need to improve its energy efficiency at home to combat global warming. California performed well in this measure and would only need to add 0.7% in efficiency to meet a 2-degree rise without an increase in demand, they found. By comparison, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma will need a 7.8% increase in employment.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

California, which requires new developments to use energy-efficient air conditioners and other older buildings to be retrofitted, leads the nation in terms of requirements, Obringer said.

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“It shows that it is possible to improve respiratory function and control and promote it through policy,” he said. “Whether other countries will accept it is a different story,” he said.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

“What we hope with our research is that if we can show a model that works, then we can start to put some steps in order to be able to provide electricity to this great demand, whether it is to add storage or to increase solar and wind. or just to see what we can do to improve our use or to promote the conservation of the environment”.

Alex Wigglesworth is an environmental reporter who covers wildfires for the Los Angeles Times. Before joining the newsroom in 2016, he was a general news reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Daily News and A native of Philadelphia, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in medical anthropology and global health. He now lives in Inglewood.

Windy City Air Conditioning Las Vegas

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Ruben Vives is a staff reporter for the Los Angeles Times. A native of Guatemala, he began writing journalism for the Times’ Homicide Report in 2007. He helped uncover a financial scandal in Bell City that led to eight charges against the city.

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